Company Profile

Reshef Security [1993] Ltd provides electronic surveillance and physical security services.  
The company is capable of providing and maintaining all management, supervision, manpower, training, equipment, and supplies necessary to accomplish armed and unarmed security guard services to protect its clients, property and personnel.  Reshef Security provides expertise and support to security personnel in various departments such as Facilities Management, Human Resources, Engineering, Operations, etc. on an as needed or retainer basis.  

The company services may include site surveys and assessments, policy development, design and implementation of Workplace Violence prevention, fraud control, safety awareness programs, seminars, crisis management programs, security program development and management, planning, support of security services outsourcing, reviews, and management of contract providers. The company also has experience in planning for the response to organized activist events such as demonstrations and meeting disruptions.
Our clients include the largest bank branches in Israel, Telecomuninication companies, National park association, and Local government offices, Solar and Gas companies, Ministry of education and many more. 
Reshef Security provides and design installation of variety of technologic equipment for major companies and for the private sector in Israel. Our control room provides 24-Hour monitoring for various businesses and thousands of private clients all  across the country.